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Tuesday, June 4th, 7:30-10:30AM (approx.)

Registrations (in-person, phone and online) will be unavailable.
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Visual Arts

Art Classes

Fun with Fabric (7-12 Years)
Drawing & Watercolour Classes (7-13 Years)
Mixed Media Classes (6-13 Years)

Art Workshops

Paint & Polymer Clay Workshops (6-11 Years)
Magical Fairy Door Workshops (6-12 Years)
Acrylic Painting Workshops (7-12 Years)
Family Painting Workshops (4+ Years)

Pottery Classes

Pottery for Kids (8-12 Years)
Pottery for Home Learners (7-13 Years)

Pottery Workshops

Pottery Workshops (8-13 Years)
Family Pottery Workshops (4+ Years)