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Drop-in Schedule

Plan your next ice skaete! Drop-in schedules are for information sharing purposes.

The JDF Arena is in dry floor season and will not have ice until the first week of July. Drop-in schedules for public programs will be posted the week of June 15th.

"Unavailable" indicates activities are available by walk up/drop in only and do not require pre-booking. "Book Now" denotes activities which allow pre-reservation (such as duffer hockey).

To book the arena, please visit Arena Bookings and to explore or register in an arena program, visit Arena Programs.


Rental skates and limited helmets are available at the JDF arena for patron use. Helmets are required for all lesson programs and other ice activities as listed in the program information.

Reserve your Duffer Hockey or Family Stick & Puck session!

Reservations are strongly recommended as space is limited. Session can be booked up to 14 days in advance.

*Online booking is only available with the purchase of a 10x/25x duffer hockey visit pass
*If you are a goalie, please book the goalie session

Single session: Drop-in fees apply
Members: Free with valid membership
10x/25x duffer hockey visit pass holders (passes available as of June 2023): Pass fees apply - when you book online, a visit will be deducted from your pass. If you cancel, a credit will be placed on your account for future transactions.
10x/25x visit pass holders: Pass fees apply - online booking is not available with this pass, please call the front desk at 250-478-8384 to reserve your spot.

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